Six easy ways to beef up your website

Six easy ways to beef up your website

muscle-armDoes your company website need some work? Can’t figure out how to make it better?

Improving your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Little changes that you can do yourself can often make a big difference.

Try these six easy ways to beef up your website:

1. Improve your home page.

First impressions matter. Web visitors coming to your home page judge within a matter of seconds whether your company can serve their needs. Make sure your home page clearly tells what you do, what products and services your provide, and which customers you serve.

2. Rework your “About” page.

Did you know that “About” pages are among the most highly viewed web pages? That’s because potential customers are more comfortable doing business with you if they know who you are. Use your “About” page to build trust by giving details about your company, its history, and your key staff.

3. Add customer testimonials.

Do you have happy customers? Add quotes from your customers that show how your products or services helped them to solve a problem or improve their business. Seeing positive comments from past customers helps potential customers form a positive impression of your company.

4. Have complete contact information.

Make it easy for customers to reach you. You should have a separate “Contact” page that prominently displays all of the ways customers can contact you including phone, email, mail, and social media. It’s also a good idea to include contact information in the footer section at the bottom of every page of your website.

5. Check and update every web page.

Make sure all of the information on all of your web pages is accurate and complete. Remove outdated information, update pricing, add any new products or services, and check that all links are working properly. Regularly updating your website ensures a good user experience for your customer.

6. Add photos.

Photos attract attention and keep customers on your site longer. Add quality photos that are relevant to your business such as product photos or project photos. If you have a photo gallery, be sure to update it with your most current projects. And don’t forget to add captions under your photos so you customers know what they’re looking at.


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